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UUugh. I miss writing. I miss drawing. I especially miss RPing.

I miss having time to do any of it. ;-;
Hey gang,

Doing some downsizing around here and selling my Chaotix plush. They're the first plush I EVER made and I love them to pieces, but it's time to sell off some things and make room. I added in Athair to the collection as well - who Archie Sonic readers will know is one of Knuckles' great grandfathers. He was exceptionally fun to make, too!

Anyway, take a look :)…
Is there? I can leave for weeks at a time and come back to maybe two or three submissions and *maybe* one favourite on my gallery. I'm starting to wonder if people have moved on to other art sites or just with life. Deviantart sure doesn't feel like the community it used to be when I joined twelve years ago.

I've been kind of busy FINALLY working on a project I've had on the backburner for four or five years now, so that's been pulling my attention away from my normal writing/scribbling. And commissions have been slow to non-existent the last two months.

Ah well. Just curious.

And if anyone's curious, too, my works are continuing on my Tumblrs when I'm not around here:…
If I started making Phantasy Star plushies, would anyone be interested in purchasing them?

Alternatively, what would people be interested in bidding/purchasing if given a chance?